Law firm

«MONRUSCONSULTING LAW FIRM» is an international partnership law firm founded in 2011 in Mongolia by a group of Mongolian, Russian and American practitioners bywho wished to combine their different professional backgrounds and vast experience in international consulting with a focus on international standard legal services.

The company’s main target today is to provide the complex legal support for national and foreign business activities in Mongolia and the Russian Federation.

Our clients come from many different business areas and development stages. Consistent with global economic trends, we focus on core practices areas, which makes it possible to enlarge our range of legal services. Our in-depth knowledge of Mongolian and Russian law and legal enforcement enables us to provide fully integrated legal support for businesses. Due to our deep insight into the legal, economic and social context of the modern age and business peculiarities of Mongolia and Russia, we are able to have a deep understanding of our work. Serving as key advisors, our specialists use their professional experience and take the most active role in creating the advantageous legal conditions necessary for the stable and dynamic development of our customers businesses.

We represent customers in different law practice spheres, and we touch upon every aspect of business life in these two countries, which enables us to learn and understand the customer and his final goals better. The international ethic business standards we follow support our ambition for maintaining high level of legal culture among our clients, including a sense of responsibility, high principles and mutual respect.